Tips from top writers

Ian Rankin was recently quoted as saying that when he re-read his first novel in the Inspector Rebus series it read like a ‘Phd thesis.’  His advice is that ‘there is little room for purple prose.’ 

'Think about what should happen next and then write the opposite.' - Stephen King. 

'Nobody ever had such pains to learn a trade as I had; but I slogged at it, day in, day out; and I frankly believe (thanks to my dire artistry) I have done more with smaller gifts than almost any man of letters in the world.' - Robert Louis Stevenson.

'There are only three turning crime fiction. The literary novel...often criticised for style over substance. The classic - the book we are all trying to write.'
RJ Ellory - Writing Magazine interview, April 2011 issue.

K.I.S.S - Keep It Simple Stupid

I was working on a bit in my zombie novel Dead Bastards  where certain characters need to be in a specific place at a particular time. I&...