Tuesday, 17 April 2012

K.I.S.S - Keep It Simple Stupid

I'm working on a bit in my zombie novel Deid Bastards where certain characters need to be in a specific place at a particular time.

I've spent weeks fretting over this, picking the brains of friends and family; it's given me sleepless nights and I’m at the stage where I feel like my brain is about to explode.
Then last night I realised one thing: I was over-thinking it. Readers don’t need you to tell them everything. When there are blanks they’ll fill them in and they’ll probably do it even better than you could have ever written it.

Don't over-think thinks like Malcolm In The Middle's Dewey

This realisation got me thinking of one of my favourite ever moments in one of my favourite shows. In Malcolm in the Middle, the youngest brother Dewey comes up with an elaborate ploy to convince idiot brother Reece that the aliens have arrived.
Dewey - ‘Malcolm, in school we learned the coolest thing: there were these people that did this broadcast to convince everyone that aliens were landing. So what we do is wait for Reese to fall asleep, then we flash some lights outside his window then we go to the TV, but we'll have already made a tape...’
Malcolm – ‘Dewey, you're totally over-thinking this. Reese, aliens landed down the street!’

And right enough, Reece comes running into the room wearing a mask and wielding a baseball bat and shouting ‘it’s every man for himself.’  

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Giving away free books won't sell books

Go on grab some and throw them at me. Writers work for peanuts.

This is an update on my earlier post Could your publisher give your book away free?

I honestly wish I was writing an upbeat post.

One where I would hold up my hands and say, 'I was wrong.' That 'those people at Need2Know sure knew what they were doing giving away e copies of my books, without consulting me.'

But then the royalty cheque came for Bullying - A Parent's Guide and it was puny. Pathetically puny. And I knew that over half of the few sales I did achieve came from the reviews of the book I got on Amazon.

Check out your book on at novelrank if you want to know how it's selling on Amazon. Note - it will only track from the date you start tracking it.

‘How puny was that royalty cheque?’ you will be asking.

Enough for a week's shopping - on a budget - because apparently despite being one of the most downloaded books by Need2Know on their free giveaway site, giving something away free did not translate into sales.

And why would it? If someone gives you something for free, why the heck would you pay for it?

The moral of the story: get it in writing from your publisher than they have to limit book giveaways to prizes and review copies. I know I will, because I believe all writers should be decently compensated for their work.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Have a peek inside Living Cruelty Free - It's Free

Although this blog was set up to keep you up to date with my crime novel, Vile City, I also like to keep this blog varied. Zombies and now bunnies. You don't get much different than that.
You can now see what's inside Living Cruelty Free: Live a more compassionate life. This is a guide to living a kinder life.

Obviously, I don't mean towards zombies because if you show them compassion you are gonna get eaten.

You can check out the book on -