Thursday, 13 December 2012

Hell To Pay cover preview

Today, I got a sneak peek of my book Hell To Pay, which will be published by Sassy Books an imprint of JH Publishing next year.

I am so excited. What do you think?

When Nancy Kerr walks in on her parents’ killers, she’s raped and left for dead. Fourteen months later, she wakes up in a psychiatric hospital with no knowledge of how she got there. Slowly her memory starts to return. Released from the institution, she has just one thing on her mind – revenge.
Two men brought hell to her family home. Now they’re in for some hell of their own.
It's the first revenge thriller featuring Nancy Kerr and Tommy McIntyre.

2014 UPDATE  - after one of my worst experiences in publishing with John Hunt Publishing, I won the rights to Hell To Pay back. The book was relaunched with a new cover. 


  1. Good cover - I like it. Your book sounds interesting. Is it set in Glasgow?

  2. Thanks, Robert. Yes, it's set in Glasgow I place I know well:)

  3. It's certainly a dramatic image.


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