Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The power of Twitter

If you’re one of these people who underestimated the power of sites like Twitter (like I did), here’s a tale that might make you change your mind.

I changed my existing BT Broadband package to another one. I’d got a better deal than what I’d been paying before (I was paying more than anyone else I knew for my package) and was pretty pleased about it.  Then I got a letter from BT saying that as I had cancelled my contract ‘early’ they were hitting me with a whopping £100 charge.

I was angry about this for a number of reasons –
  1. As far as I was concerned, my contract was already up. BT had not told me any different when I changed my broadband package.
  2. I had NOT been warned about any charged before I switched. Customers should always be made aware of charges BEFORE they change not after.
  3. It wasn’t like I was changing from BT to another supplier.

I was so incensed about what had happened, I emailed BT and then tweeted about it.

Two hours later I got an email saying they had seen my tweet and the charge had been made in error and they would refund me.

I also tweeted about an Amazon order that had failed to arrive and was a week late. Initially, Amazon had told me that I needed to wait another week before I would qualify for a refund. After they responded to my tweet I got a refund within hours.

The thing I have learned from all this is when you feel you are treated unfairly by a company by all means gets angry about it. Scream, shout and then when your anger calms down, tweet about it. You may be pleasantly surprised by the results. I know I am.

P.S. If you want to follow me on Twitter my user name is @jenthom72


  1. Useful to know this , thanks!

  2. Good post. A friend of mine also had trouble with different things which she later reported on twitter. Those issues were never cleared up so quickly! Go figure.

  3. I am amazed that tweeting about things gets your problems sorted out.


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