Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Where would you keep a human finger?

'Last night, I turned to my boyfriend in bed and calmly asked him 'where would you put a human finger?' Once he had checked none of his were missing, he asked me why I wanted to know.  I told him that my character was going to find one, but I wasn't sure where, so he suggested in a jar of pickles.  So, that's what I've gone for. 

It could have been worse.  The other night I asked him what a kick in the dangle bag felt like.  I can't print his reply!


  1. The correct answer of course is to wrap the finger in cling film, then insert it into a freshly caught Mackeral before freezing it.

    That's where I keep my spare fingers anyways.

  2. I am slightly disturbed that you gave that such thought. If you kill anyone else, please change your MO or the cops will get ya.


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